Some of the Personal and Professional Recommendation.

Recommendation from C.F.

If you are a beginner, or you’ve been practicing Yoga for years, you will benefit from joining Brenda on the Mat!  Brenda is “old school”. She teaches Iyengar Yoga with a passion and attention to detail that ensures every single member of Class gets careful scrutiny and adjustments to suit their particular level of skill & fitness.  Every step is explained & explored, so you engage both your body & your brain. Classes are not just about poses, but about understanding our bodies and how the principles of Iyengar Yoga can help us to live well in that body. 

Recommendation from D.S.

 I started a beginner’s yoga class with Brenda in September last year.  I have attended many yoga classes over the years, but Brenda’s class is different to any class I have done before.  Brenda is proactive throughout the class, correcting postures and ensuring that the yoga poses that are being done in the class are correct with both the physical pose and the breath.  Brenda explains the postures and the benefits of doing them in detail.  In fact, I have realised that in my past experiences of yoga, I have been doing the poses incorrectly.  Brenda is very knowledgable and able to give advice and guidance for discomfort and injuries in the bodies, adjusting the poses accordingly.

I have noticed benefits of the classes, such as my posture improving and find myself incorporating what we have learnt in the class into my daily life, such as sitting at my desk and eating dinner, adjusting my posture to help backache and improving digestion when eating.  I am also much more aware when I tense my shoulders and jaw and am able to correct myself and release tension.

Recommendation from S.G.

"I have only been attending classes taught by Brenda for a short time but already feel the benefit of her extensive experience and skill.  She has a deep knowledge of how the body and breath works and a keen eye for correcting poor habits in posture/movement.  The classes are lovely - a real tonic for the body and mind."

Recommendation from K.B..

I am learning so much in the Iyengar yoga sessions with Brenda. She is brilliant at adjusting your pose for it to suddenly feel right. The precise and controlled movements can be challenging but Brenda always offers alternatives and the class leaves you feeling energised and at one with your body.